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Nature is cruel

Another reminder about how cruel nature can be. Midge, our Jack Russell, has killed one of our four chicks. Two managed to get out and the dogs discovered the escape before I did. Actually, no. Nature isn’t cruel. Nature is nature. That’s how it works. She’s a terrier, that’s what she does. It’s not the first time and it probably won’t be the last. It just frustrates me that the death was pointless. She didn’t kill for food, she killed for sport. Yes, she probably would have eaten it, but she didn’t need it. She wasn’t hungry. Last week, we lost nine hens and a cockerel to foxes. The only thing that is remotely ok about that is that all were taken for food. Their deaths were productive, for want of a better description.

And what makes me the most angry is the fact that I shouldn’t be angry. She didn’t get into the chickens, they came to her. Well, one did. The other had the sense to run off in the other direction and it took me almost two hours to catch it. But I was eventually successful, and it’s back with mum and the other two chicks.

So that’s some consolation. I guess.