Online shopping

I’m just emerging from an internetless couple of years and I can’t believe how much I missed the wibbly wobbly web. From shopping to research to socialising, I used the net a lot, a whole lot of lots in fact, and going back to life before always-on-broadband was a strange experience and not one that I’m willing to repeat in a hurry.

One of the things that I’ve done online for years is shopping, generally books, DVDs etc, but a few other items as well. So it was a simple extension of that to spend most of last night looking for an online supplier of pig food (oh come on, you didn’t really think I’d go a whole blog post without bringing my animals into it somewhere, did you?!) and was left quite shocked. Of the many agricultural and farm shops that exist in this country, only a handful have websites (no surprises there, really) and of those that do, most are yet to discover online shopping. But some do exist, and their prices are extremely competitive. I was surprised that competitive was as far as it got, but then I’m too used to the likes of Amazon and Play.

But what really shocked me were the delivery prices. I found one online store that I liked, ordered a sack of pig nuts for £7, got to the checkout and discovered that the final invoice would be for £12.60!!!!!! I know 20kg is lot of kilos, but I can carry two sacks at a time. It’s not that heavy!

So online shopping for animal food has been shelved. For now. But does anyone have experience of online shopping for human food? I’m guessing that stuff like tins and jars are fine, but what about chilled and fresh produce? Nearly out-of-date and manky? And what about deliveries? Can you specify an approximate time or do you have to hang about for hours?

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