What a wonderful morning

It’s half nine in the morning, I have a fresh mug of coffee, I’m sat outside with the laptop (we lurve wireless!), the sun is shining (only downside is that laptop screen visibility is rather poor), the birds are singing, the dogs are playing (far from me which is nice as they have a very long stick. No, not stick. Branch.), the chickens are stretched out enjoying the warmth, the piglets are all healthy and the adult pigs are being lazy and are still asleep. And Harold hasn’t broken out.

So all in all, it’s a wonderful morning in which to be up and about.

All I’ve got to do today is move three 8’x6′ pig arks and six 8’x4′ rubber mats. And four adult pigs, one weaner and ten piglets. And clean out the chickens. Unfortunately, I’m on my own today so it’s quite possible that all I’ll be able to do is move one ark the few feet required onto fresh grazing, and leave the rest til I’ve got some more bodies around to help.

Hmm, I wonder how long it would take to train Bailey to pull the arks for me?


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  1. Posted by welshpurpletree on 13 September 2008 at 5:23 pm

    It sounds lovely. I can’t stop looking at the Omlet site at the moment. I attempted to get a book from the library about keeping chickens this afternoon, but it was closed due to staff shortages. I have read quite a lot online though, and the more I read the more I want to go for it.

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