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What really happened when they switched on the LHC

I’ve just been sent this link in an email and I couldn’t resist posting it here. Cheers, Jon!

Chicken rescue!

B and I went up to my mum’s on Friday and brought her last two chickens back with us, her beloved Pekin bantams. Readers of BmS will know that mum lost a load of chickens in the field when some foxes came a-visiting. In fact, they also ate some of ours. So we took what was left of ours, leaving mum not with the six bantams plus the four wonderful Warrens and the pair of loopy Leghorns, but with just a reduced trio of lavender Pekins and her pair of partridge Pekins, John Wayne and Dolly Parton. As a preventative measure, she let them out in the garden. JW and DP seemed quite happy to be rid of those nasty big chickens and for the first time in his life, JW became the Big Guy. And the lavenders, still really young, became really tame. Mum said that gardening took twice as long as usual because the cockerel would fly up to her shoulder and the two hens would perch on her wellies, one on each foot!

But then the fox came back and took the three lavenders (from the garden!), so mum begged us to take JW and DP back with us.

We really want egg layers plus broodies for chicks, which is where B’s Buff Orpingtons come into their own, and B also wants to breed Silkies. So … we don’t really need the bantams. Does anyone want to give a home to John Wayne and Dolly Parton? Oh, and we’ve also got a lavendar Pekin cockerel if anyone fancies him? Photos will be forthcoming.