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Doodle a Day

Doodle a DayJennie’s had some inspiration and decided to improve her artistic skills. So she’s invented Doodle a Day.

The concept is simple. Everyday, you spend a few minutes doodling, and with every day’s practice, you get a little better at simple drawings.

So I agreed to take part.

And have thus far failed to draw anything.

My excuse? Simple, really. I’ve just moved and can’t find (a) my pad of paper and (b) a pen or a pencil or anything remotely useful.

But I will get there, I promise!!!

Theme frustrations

As you know, BmS isn’t my first blog. I ran my previous blog for several years on my own domain name. Sadly, I no longer own the domain or the web space and for the reasons of economics, have decided to run this blog for free, thanks to those kind folks at

I chose WP over Blogger for no reason other than the fact I prefer it, and I base that on the fact that I’ve used Blogger in my previous blogging existance, before switching to the full-blown version of WordPress (at dot org as opposed to the hosted version at dot com). I then spent many a happy hour tweaking the theme, adapting the layout and the colour scheme and fiddling with the CSS, all so I could get it looking just so. And then someone would release a new theme or plug-in that I really liked and the whole process would start all over again…

And that is something I really, really miss. When we didn’t have internet access, I barely thought about it. But now that I’m back online and blogging again, the restrictions of having a free blog at WP dot com are really starting to grate.

I cannot find a theme that I really like. There are a few that I mostly like and just want to be able to change certain elements to turn them into themes I really love. But I can’t, so I’m having to settle for the theme that irritates me the least. Which is why the look of BmS changes so often!

Of course, you can pay WP an annual fee for the privilege of editing the CSS but I can’t help thinking that if you’re going to spend money, why not invest in a domain name and hosting?

But there are far more important things to spend our cash on, so I’ll just have to put up and shut up. Well, maybe not the latter! Unless anyone fancies collaborating on a brand new WP theme that we can submit for others to use?!