My dog is a wuss

I own a sixteen-month old Labrador, Snipe, who I love dearly. She’s loyal, loving, good-natured, happy, friendly, affectionate, mostly obedient… I wouldn’t be without her.

Snipe - 7 June 2008

Snipe - 7 June 2008

However, we seem to have encountered a slight problem. Snipe has turned into quite the wuss. It’s alarming because Labs weren’t exactly bred for their delicate natures. When it comes to racing into the sea in the middle of January, Snipe’s the first one in, just what you would expect from a dog with her ancestry.

But … the other day, she got a thorn (or possibly a wasp stung her?) in her pad and you should have seen the fuss she made. It took me about half an hour to go from “why are you limping” to “there you go, there’s nothing left in there”. She rolled onto her back, she cried, she gnawed at her foot, she cried some more, she licked my arm, she cried, she tried to stand up but it hurt too much so she cried and rolled onto her back again… The way she was carrying on, it was as though she’d caught her leg in a trap. She slept the whole way home, then again at home and it was only when I chucked them both outside that she recovered – when I let them in again, she burst through the door in her usual style. All forgotten.

Then, yesterday, she did something to her eye. I don’t know what, she either banged it or got something in it, but it was swollen and she kept it firmly closed. Whenever I tried to open it, she actually rolled her eyeball backwards! And cried. And rolled onto her back. And cried some more. Obviously, because it was her eye, I didn’t take the piss and did what I could to help her (mainly bathing it in cold tea). Eventually, she peeked it open and I checked to make sure she could actually see out of it. Again, she made a huge fuss so it was impossible to tell if she was genuinely in pain – or if she was just being a wuss. Again.

So I let her be overnight and it seemed much better this morning. Right now it’s all back to normal, with only the slightest swelling, so phew!

But yes, it is sadly true. My dog is a wuss!

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