Me pig. Me show you how to eat watermelon…

This morning I finally got round to asking a local greengrocer if they’d let me have the fruit and veggies they can’t sell so that I can satisfy my pigs’ appetites. They seemed so pleased to be asked that I came away with five bulging sacks, containing everything from broccoli and sprouts to nectarines and grapes. From now on, I’m to pop round first thing and collect whatever they’ve put to one side. I hope it’s not five sacks every day, mind you – they’ll burst!

Not that the pigs would mind, judging by the way they more or less climbed into their food bowls to get every last scrap! The piglets even got some apple and banana all to themselves to go with their nuts. It was all demolished more or less instantly, so I’ll have to keep this up or they won’t talk to me!

But the funniest thing of all was watching Bailey try to eat his portion of the watermelon. I scraped out the middle and gave that to Tia, Scrumpy and Harold, gave quite a lot of the skin to the chickens, but kept the biggest pieces for Bailey and Brini. Brini was sensible and used her snout to hold the skin down while she ate the melon stuck to the inside. But Bailey threw his out of the bowl and the proceeded to chase it round the paddock, wondering all the while why he couldn’t get anything more than a tantalising taste of this scrumptious treat…

Bailey tries to eat a watermelon - 20 September 2008

Bailey tries to eat a watermelon - 20 September 2008

But then he figured it out and if you look closely at the photo below, you’ll see that he parked his trotter on the mischievous skin and was able to munch his way through it, without any interruptions. Clever pig!

Bailey finally manages to eat that pesky watermelon - 20 September 2008

Bailey finally manages to eat that pesky watermelon - 20 September 2008

You gotta love a pig who is so serious about his food!


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  1. Hun, I’ve been thinking. (This is a completely unrelated comment to the post, by the way, only because my short term memory is abysmal at the moment so I’m writing things down as I remember them!) I think we need to build a small fruit pen in the orchard for your soft fruit out of wooden struts and chicken wire. I think we could construct a removeable one! Whadda ya think? I want to make jam!!

  2. Oh, and congratulations to Bailey for figuring out the watermelon! If there’s any decent fruit that they can’t finish BTW, remember my current jam obsession please!!

  3. Will you be there to supervise construction and generally tell me what to do? If so, great idea. Me likings jam!!!

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