What I’ve Learnt This Week

Freshly cut brambles don’t burn – but if you leave them to dry for a few days and then light some kindling, you’ll have to stand back in a hurry lest you lose your eyebrows.

Leaving your phone switched on in a no-signal area drains your battery.

Some pigs like cabbage and sprouts. Others won’t touch them.

You can recycle (ie re-use for a totally different purpose) almost anything with excellent results. All it requires is some imagination.

The value of friendship and the benefits of laughing at nothing.

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  1. I enjoyed my half day with you on Monday, even if I did only cut three bramble stems down. The novelty of you living near enough to see regularly hasn’t yet worn off, and I’m still enjoying having my friend back!

    And I’m glad to have been the cause of you learning a little something about your phone – I’ll teach you to make proper gravy next, something really interesting!

  2. But you cut those bramble stems so well!

    B’s the gravy expert, you need to teach her to make the gravy 🙂

    And you’re welcome to come on over any time – always a pleasure to see you. If you’re realy lucky, you might even get to come to the flat one day…

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