Growing blogs

Today, Bring me Sunshine ranks 97 (out of 100!) on the WordPress Blog of the Day list for 25/9/08. Apparantly, inclusion in this list is because “these blogs gained the most popularity recently”.

Until yesterday, BmS was your typical new blog. A few loyal readers (mainly friends who either enjoy what you have to say, or are too polite to say otherwise) and the occasional hit from elsewhere. But that was before I blogged about the Nazi rally in Somerset. Now, if you type “Nazi rally in Somerset” into Google, BmS is currently the top link. Above the BBC report. It’s my most viewed post, quadrupled my daily hits count and sent my little graph thingy in the stats all wonky. And that’s why I’m in the top 100. It’s funny how a one off fluke sends stats charts a bit wobbly!

Hey, at least I’m honest!

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