Flying the rainbow flag

Rainbow flag

Rainbow flag

Hurrah, yet another gay MP has done the deed and “married” * their partner at a Civil Partnership ceremony. This time it’s the turn of Parliament’s only openly gay woman, the Treasury Minister Angela Eagle and her partner Maria Exall. I have met them both (no, I’m not name dropping, there’s a silly and childish story involved) so I think it’s ok to say congratulations and mean it.

So, that silly and childish story. Three years ago, I was a delegate at Labour Party conference. I went to the reception they have at the start of conference and I don’t know how, but I ended up chatting to a group of people that included Angela and Maria. Then they announced that Blair was due to arrive at any minute. “Oh bloody hell”, said one of the group. “I can’t, I really can’t.” So we headed outside for a cigarette instead. I was in the middle of the group, ahead of Angela and Maria. “Faster, he’s coming”, hissed a woman’s voice and I was pushed through the doorway…

I came within about an inch of head-butting the PM, who was a lot closer than anyone realised. Apart from me. I knew exactly how close he was.

With a startled expression on his face, he looked over me at Angela and Maria. “Leaving so soon, Angela?” he quipped and pretended to be deaf as we skittered off, giggling like naughty schoolgirls. I pinched a cigarette, smoked it and then wandered off to find another party to crash, lest I be duped into beating up other world leaders.

Hat tip to NightHawk.

* Let’s not kid ourselves that it’s the same thing. Close, but no pie. No, I don’t know why I said that either.

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