Gainfully employed

So, the good news is – I got the job (no, don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything, I’ve not blogged about this before) and have an induction on Sunday morning when I’ll find out what hours I’ll be working and how many.

And the bad news is … I got the job so can kiss goodbye to most of my non-piggie free time.

But, the good news wins as this way we get to pay all the bills, put fuel in my car and maybe even eat!

And how am I spending my last days of freedom?

Curled up on the bed with the lurgy monster who only seems to want to play when I’m resting. Which has been good as I’ve managed to get a fair amount done outside today without feeling like poo but makes curling up on the bed with the laptop rather uncomfortable.

But the dogs and cats are happy – Snipe and Midge are in their bed, the boys are asleep on our bed and even Queenie has decided to join us and is asleep in one of the four cat beds we have in the bedroom. Apart from the 5 way snoring, it’s very peaceful!

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