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Need a name for the lavender bantam!

My mum loves Pekin bantams and as a kid we had loads of them – about 80 at the peak. But then the fox came-a-visiting and the bantams were no more.

You know the recent (repeated) incidents with the fox up at hers, even in the garden, so I won’t revisit unhappier times, but even though I’m not into small chooks, that’s how we’ve got three Pekins as well as B’s (now reduced) pair of Silkies (who need a boyfriend if anyone’s got a Silkie cockerel they need a good home for?)

Yesterday afternoon I was doing odds and sods around their run, refilling their water, checking their feed, etc when I saw the lavender Pekin bantam poking his head out of the trailer (temporary and emergency accommodation, more on that another time). So I picked him up and to my surprise, he jumped straight to my shoulder and there he sat, quite happy. In fact, getting him off my shoulder proved to be quite tricky as he was very happy up so high!

Mum said that the trio she kept (two ladies and the other cockerel) were exactly the same and when she was gardening, the cockerel would sit on her shoulder and the two hens would sit on her feet. She said it took ages to get anything done as she could only shuffle! As you would expect, she was devastated when the fox came into the garden and they were no more.

Thanks to El Foxy, our lavender is the Silkies’ temporary boyfriend (until a white puffball comes along, they’re fickle like that. Ok, we are!) but I know that when he does go, I’m going to be quite sad as he’s such a friendly little chap. Much more so than John Wayne, the other Pekin cockerel who is very much a man’s man. Mind you, I blame the name. But that’s mum for you!!!

Anyway, here’s a photo of all the lavenders back in happier days:

Lavender Pekin bantams - 15 August 2008

Lavender Pekin bantams - 15 August 2008

Our boy is the second from the right.

If anyone has any suggestions for a name, leave a comment!!

Puns regarding his description (lavender) will only be accepted if they are very funny)