Two reasons for feeling bad this morning

I was correct about the less than romantic side effects of the lurgy, though snuggling up to watch Charmed more than made up for that. As did the ice cream, but more on that later. However, possibly because of the lurgy-induced fuzzy-headedness, I failed to recall that in order to get a (legal) job, one requires proof of one’s identity and eligibility to work in the UK. So, a tip for the wise, when you move house, but it’s from your mum’s so you can get away with taking the useful things, like books and DVDs, but leave behind the paperwork that really needs sorting out before you box it up, make sure that the stuff you lave behind “for now” doesn’t include your passport, full birth certificate and all documents containing your NI number.

So… I’ve got a week to get my stuff in order and then I get to try again. Which is really frustrating and I’m furious with myself because (a) I haven’t worked since mid-August and my reserves are swiftly coming to their natural end and so even one week’s wages would have gone a long long way; (b) I’ve just psyched myself up for a return to work so the thought of not going is somewhat annoying, if you see what I mean; and (c) I’m seeing my mother later (but this afternoon so she can’t help me out with the paperwork) and despite the fact that I’m nearly 30, am really not looking forward to explaining why I shan’t be starting work yet. Daft, isn’t it! But that’s parents for you…

In other news, I have to confess that I was the main contributor last night to the empty tub of Ben and Jerry’s Fossil Fuel that’s glaring at me accusingly from the kitchen counter. Well, it really wasn’t my fault. We made the classic mistake of sharing the tub with spoons rather than serving up portions in bowls and putting the tub safely back in the freezer.

And so, before you know it, my “just one more spoonful” turned into “holy crap, there’s only one more spoonful left”. Needless to say, B was not impressed.

And neither is my belly this morning.

So, to cheer myself up, I thought I’d post these photos from the last time we demolished some Ben and Jerry’s:

Midge and Snipe meet Ben and Jerry's - 4 August 2007

Midge and Snipe meet Ben and Jerry's - 4 August 2007

Snipe and Midge meet Ben and Jerry's - 4 August 2007

Snipe and Midge meet Ben and Jerry's - 4 August 2007

Note – that time “we” consisted of three adults and a child. Though we also had dulce de leche. You cannot imagine the sugar high faced by B’s neice by the time we finished!


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  1. Posted by LittleFfarm Dairy on 6 October 2008 at 12:48 pm

    You’ll have to come over & try some of our ice cream – I suspect the dogs wouldn’t get a look-in once you’ve tried it, though!

  2. /wipes drool off chin

    I’ve got a yearning to own some goats even though the only goat product I’ve tried are two samples of cheese at this year’s Smallholder festival in Builth Wells. The first, a normal cheese, wasn’t to my liking but the creamy one was simply marvellous.

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