Sodomy can seriously damage your health

So says the Rev Peter Mullen on his blog. In fact, he wants all gay men to say it. Forever. Tattooed on their butts.

How … nice. Different, I suppose. (And bears alarming echoes of familiarity.)

Anyway, putting that aside, most of what Mullen has to say is a load of balls – just what you’d expect. You know, he bangs on about the “militant preaching of homosexuality” (see wongaBlog and his militant toast) and thinks gay pride should be banned as it’s obscene. The usual.

In fact, while you can’t read the actual post, because the Church of England forced him to remove it, you can see previous posts in this cached version, courtesy of Google. You need the cached version because no longer seems to work.

Yup, the guy’s an idiot.

But I am, I must confess, rather suspicious about the motives behind the CofE’s order that it be taken down. Is it because it was offensive, or because it reminded the public what many people in the Church really believe? Personally, with no evidence to back me up, I can’t help but think it’s the latter.

Why hide it? Too many people in organised religion (from punters to preachers) are narrow-minded bigots, the Rev Mullens of this world. But we can’t make our world a better place if we pretend that we’re all friends and that there isn’t a problem. There is a problem. It’s huge. Can we just deal with it, please?

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  1. Just seen this via a comment on wongBlog and thought it deserved mentioning again.

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