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More blogs added to the blogroll!

There are some new additions to the blogroll:-

In Life n Stuff we have Just Williams and Granny’s ramblings. JW and GR are the parents of JWT which means there’s now an entire family blogging. Just got to get hubby and boys on the case and they’ll take over the blogosphere 🙂

Plus, I like it when people I know in the real world are or become bloggers – if only because it makes it so much more likely that I’ll end up communicating with them. Which is a terrible thing to confess, but sadly true 😦

For the Smallholders, we have The Compostbin, whose posts about the food they produce will have you drooling over your keyboard in seconds. Tissues are recommended.

Finally, in Politics, there are two new additions. Sadie’s Tavern is a marvellous mixture of politics, feminism, and an outlook on life that simply appeals. And another thing… is the blog of Tom Harris, MP, and is exactly the kind of blog that MPs should run. Well, only those with a sense of humour. Laugh? You’ll wet your pants.