Sunrise, Sunset and Dusk

I love this time of year as you get to see the day beginning and ending without having to get up horrendously early (ok, I get up at 6 as a matter of routine but that’s not early, just convenient). The gorgeous weather we’ve been having is especially convenient as all that beauty can’t hide behind dull grey clouds.

Sunset - 11 October 2008

Sunset on my street - 11 October 2008

Sunrise - 12 October 2008

Sunrise at the farm - 12 October 2008

Dusk - 12 October 2008

Dusk at the farm - 12 October 2008

Of the three photos, I think you can tell the difference between where B and I live and where the pigs and chickens live 😦 Lucky bastards, I wonder if there’s room in their arks?

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