Hope for red squirrels?

Some people like to scare themselves silly with stories from the BBC news website about man-eating spiders the size of buildings. I find cute and cuddly stuff. Just for the record.

Such as this story which talks about their being hope for the survival of our native red squirrel:

Scientists have found that some red squirrels have developed immunity to a disease that has ravaged their numbers.

The pox is transmitted by grey squirrels; but while greys suffer no ill effects from it, if a red catches the virus it will be dead within weeks.

The findings… suggest a vaccine could now help to save red squirrels from annihilation.

And there’s also an amusing speeded up video of baby red squirrels which I can’t embed on my blog to share, but you can view it on the same page as the article. Which, if you can’t be bothered to move your mouse, is right here.

That video put me in mind of a clip from Hoodwinked:

I loved that film!


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  1. Oi! What’s with the victimisation? I don’t choose to ‘scare myself silly’, I merely made an observation about how the revelation about immigrating spiders may have made me a little wary about how close I get to any spiders ever again. No need to get nasty and start picking on me and WPT!

  2. I’m clearly getting old… WPT?

  3. Welshpurpletree, duh!

  4. Have some respect for your elders!

    Honestly, the youth of today…

  5. Posted by welshpurpletree on 17 October 2008 at 10:48 am

    Stop arguing. I don’t ‘scare myself silly’ either I’m just not very keen on spiders at the moment, as lots of them seem to be leaping out at me, and I just hope none of them are these nasty foreign spiders.

    Good news about the Red Squirrels though.

  6. haHA! You therefore admit that I am, of course, very much younger than you! Both in mind and in yearage!


  7. Only in the real world. In your world (the one where you changed my birth date), I am very much younger than you. So there.

  8. Posted by welshpurpletree on 19 October 2008 at 9:42 pm

    I think I’ve lost the plot of this conversation. Isn’t it only people who are getting on a bit that argue about how young they are?

  9. Shush now!

  10. The youngster’s telling us off, Jo! No respect for age and wisdom, these young whippersnappers!

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