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Quad bikes

When I was 11, I crashed a quad bike into the side of a very solid shed and, looking back, was bloody lucky to escape with nothing more serious than a broken wrist.

Mum’s had a quad bike for years but because of the accident, I refused to learn to drive it, and it was only last year that I learnt and discovered what everyone else knows: quad biking is great fun. But it is also very very dangerous and I still can’t believe that they’re sold to individuals for entertainment purposes. I’m sorry, but unless you can demonstrate that you need one for working a farm or for a quad biking centre, you shouldn’t be bale to buy one. And “kiddie quads” should be banned altogether.

And while I’m on the subject of farm vehicles, I feel the same about 4x4s. Unless you can demonstrate a genuine need for one, you shouldn’t be able to get one. Now that would contribute to lowering emissions in the UK! Alternatively, there should be two bands of car tax for 4x4s. If your vehicle has mud on it, you should be entitled to a lower tax than the pristine “city” models!!!!!

Pound shop prices

Huh, I am officially unimpressed. I needed some buckets so popped down to my local pound shop and bought 3 buckets for £1.29 each. Not even worth thinking about. But last night I popped into Asda and guess what…. They’re selling buckets for 75p each.

You normally can’t beat the pound shop for their prices on such items. Very much not impressed. Hence the blog post about something so boring. My apologies! You may return to your Saturday 🙂

One Nation Under CCTV

According to the BBC, Westminster Council want to remove some Banksy artwork from a wall in the borough:

Westminster City Council has ordered a 23ft-high (7m) mural, entitled One Nation Under CCTV, to be removed from a building on Newman Street.

The artist’s sketches have sold for thousands of pounds at auctions.

But deputy leader of the council Robert Davis said keeping the mural would mean “condoning” graffiti.

The mural has the words “One Nation Under CCTV” stencilled above two painted people.

One appears to be a child in a red hooded top apparently painting the words, while a police officer holding a camera and a brown dog look on.

There’s a bit of a debate about the matter, then the BBC article continues with the revelation that there’s some more Banksy artwork in an underpass in Marble Arch. But the Council aren’t doing anything about this at the moment because the whole area is going to be redeveloped.


But check out this quote from Deputy Leader Davis:

“One option would be to remove it and sell it and invest that money into council services,” Mr Davis said.


No prizes for guessing which colour rosette Mr Davis wears on the stump….