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Is Brini preggers?

Blimey, that sounds like a bad headline for a worse soap opera! I am, of course, referring to my Kune Kune gilt*, Brini, who I bought at the start of July and have been waiting ever since for her to get knocked up by Bailey. I’m still waiting but a friend who bought Brini’s sister, Brusco, from me, had an unexpected surprise a month or so ago and the four additions to his fledgling herd are proof that there’s nowt wrong with Bailey’s side of things….

Of course, Brini could have gone on fertilization strike on account of what happened when she first came hogging** when Bailey well, got things the wrong way round…

Bailey gets the wrong end of the stick. Poor Brini - 8 July 2008

Bailey gets the wrong end of the stick. Poor Brini - 8 July 2008

Bailey did manage to get things sorted out and covered her properly later that day and today is Brini’s first due date from then. However, she’s come hogging every 3 weeks without fail and they seem to have enjoyed every minute*** but this waiting lark is getting a bit tiresome!

Having said that, I’m quite glad she’s not in pig just yet and if she wants to wait until December, that would suit me down to the ground as she would then farrow in the spring.

The bad news is that she may well be infertile but I’ll cross that bridge another time.

* Gilt = female pig who hasn’t had her first litter. A sow is a female pig who has had at least one litter
** Hogging = when a sow / gilt comes into season
*** I’m not a piggie perv, it’s just that they’re not exactly discrete!

Kittens take on the grass

Another photo of the boys from last autumn, this time when they started to gain their confidence outside and wanted to know what the green thing on the ground was and why those funny brown things that make a rustling noise looked as though they would be fun to chase about.

The boys examine the grass - 28 October 2007

The boys examine the grass - 28 October 2007

I miss having kittens!