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Broody Silkie!

Yesterday, Jennie observed that one of the Silkie hens wouldn’t come out of the nesting box. “She’s either in the middle of laying or she’s gone broody”, was the comment.

Well, she was still there this morning and didn’t leave until I booted her out for lunch (melon, banana, plum and bread crumbs).

Considering the chilly wind that’s currently blowing through the orchard and the fact that all the water containers have had ice on them in the morning for the past three or four days, not to mention the fact that it’s now November, can someone come up to the farm and kindly inform this chicken that she a bit stupid?!

Ah well, the boys are having a Halloween / Bonfire party tonight and there will be fireworks so that might do the trick. I hope!

Facebook for networking at work? Or will it get you the sack?

On the one hand, there’s this story from a couple of days ago: Bosses ‘should embrace Facebook’. Then there’s yesterday’s news that: Crew sacked over Facebook posts.

The last time I worked for my current employers, they had us all sign something stating that we wouldn’t blog about or refer to the company in the media, i.e. that we’d leave the “press work” to the press department in Head Office and just get on with our jobs in the stores. This time around, I’ve decided to not mention who my employers are, just to be on the safe side, but I’ve seen loads of people do the same as the Virgin Atlantic crew and I do wonder for the security of their jobs, especially now with many big companies pondering the reality of cutting down on their staffing levels.

I think the first article about using Facebook or similar technology to network with work colleagues is an excellent plan, and even in my retail store, I can see exactly how it would work. But, sadly, I think the Virgin story is the reality of the situation, so I’ll keep on playing it safe!

(Not)NaNoWriMo 2008

Despite my previous optimism about taking part in NaNoWriMo 2008, it has become quite evident that between the pigs, chickens, setting up the lasagne garden and working five, sometimes six, nights a week, I barely have the time to keep up the blogging, let alone to write a 175-page, 50,000-word novel!

So even though I’ve come up with what I think is an excellent plot, I shall shelve it for another year as if I start it this month, it will never get finished.

Good luck to everyone who is taking part – see you in December!!!