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Giving in to the weather

I’ve been fighting the inevitable but I’ve finally been forced to dig out the winter clothes as it’s just a bit too chilly without them!

I thought I was doing ok until last night. B and I somehow managed to arrange a night off at the same time and in the same place! So we rejected the two kind invites for dinner with one lot of friends and a Halloween / Bonfire party with another and instead planned to spend the evening in together.

But by the time we got home, we were both bone tired and the consequences were starting to show. B had a rather leisurely soak in the bath but as I was waiting my turn, I just started to ache all over. Jennie and I had moved one of the pig arks the previous day, but it wasn’t that, it was the kind of ache you get when you’ve been sitting in a cold draught for too long.

We decided on a night of comfort so while I jumped in the bath for a quick soak, B heated up some soup and garlic bread, which we devoured in bed whilst watching a couple of episodes of Charmed. I confess I was totally useless all evening and my single biggest contribution was to put the dogs out before we went to sleep. Oh, and I got the spoons out of the drawer and carried our drinks through 😀

Anyway, this morning I realised that my aches are from spending too much time out in the cold. It’s fine while I’m moving around but I spend quite a lot of time standing around, waiting for the pigs to finish eating so I can collect their bowls, or just passing the time of day with them and I guess an unexpected block of time with nothing to do set everything off in a bit of a self-pity ache-fest.

So, to counter that, this morning I’m wearing my thermal t-shirt instead of a regular and have got my hiking socks ready and waiting to go over my normal socks when I put my wellies on. I’ve already been wearing my hat and gloves, but the scarf will be pressed into service should it get windy. I’m not quite ready to wear a second jumper but it will happen! At several points last winter I wore my thermal t-shirt under a normal t-shirt with a sweatshirt and a fleecy jacket, with the hiking socks over the normal socks and then, when I went outside, scarf, hat, gloves and a thick coat were also added to the collection. And waterproof trousers, depending on the weather!

Jo and Moonlight - 6 February 2008

Jo and Moonlight - 6 February 2008

Before winter really sets in this year, I want to buy some tracksuit bottoms and another fleecy jacket. I made the mistake of buying jeans from Richley’s and in three months, the zip has gone on both pairs and the top button has bust on one of them (they stay up thanks to the clever use of a dog clip!). That, combined with the fact that in winter, they get wet and stay wet, has made me decide to invest in some warm and quick drying clothes this year! And the fleecy jacket will just make life that much more warmer!

I love winter, so long as it’s cold. I can deal with cold. It’s the wet that’s depressing. But with the right clothes, bring it on!