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Sunrise over the Valley

The view from Mum’s front gate last year. A much nicer day than its predecessor one year on!

Sunrise at Mum's - 14 November 2007

Sunrise at Mum's - 14 November 2007

This little piggie slipped quietly away when no-one was looking

Bubble, one of the runts I thought deserved a chance in life, died earlier this week. She was fine one evening but the following morning she could barely stand up and slipped away quietly in the early afternoon.

You wouldn’t have thought that such a small piglet could leave such a big hole in your life but that little runt had enough character for a whole herd of fully grown pigs, which is possibly why she lived so long. Looking back, she should have died when her litter brother did, at just a couple of days. She never grew and would have been a very weak and sickly adult. But she had more than her fair of fight and kept up with the others, even when they became twice, three times, four times her size.

Little Bubble will be sorely missed but, as B and Jennie keep pointing out, her life may have been short, but we gave her the best possible chance and in return, she gave us much enjoyment and pleasure and will never be forgotten.

Forgive the length of time it’ll take to load this post, but here are some (!!) photos, all of which show her character and determination to get along.

You’ll note the photos of her getting a belly rub – her favourite activity in the world. You couldn’t hold her without her turning onto her back and stretching her legs out so that you didn’t miss a spot! Continue reading