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Energy firms ‘profit from poor’

As we’re only tenants, we don’t have the choice about our gas and electric pre-payment meters. We’ve got them, whether we like them or not.

And we most certainly do not like them.

Earlier this week, we decided to switch the heating on for an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. Because it’s November, it’s not turned up full. And yet we’ve used the tenner on the gas card in less than a week – it ran out this morning. So let’s call that £15 a week for the heating. We’ve not cooked that much this week, so that doesn’t include the gas for the cooker. It may or may not include the cost of heating the water, though I don’t think it does. So let’s say £20 a week, just to be on the safe side.

That’s £80 a month!

And that £80 bill doesn’t include the electricity!

Please excuse the liberal use of exclamation marks, but I think the maths warrants it!

Hmm, I think that, as of tomorrow, the heating will only be on for half an hour in the morning and again at night – let’s see if we can keep warm, dry our clothes and stop the flat from getting damp on an hour a day.

When, oh when, oh when will the government step in to prevent pre-payment customers from being over charged to subsidise cheaper deals for those who get unlimited access?

The Waiting Game

I’m normally infuriated when they play the national anthem on the TV or radio as not only do I disagree with the sentiments of it, I also think the music is the most god-awful, depressing dirge that has ever been played.

However, just for once, I was most amused to hear it being played at the start of yesterday’s 8am news broadcast on Radio 2. Pourquoi? Because the news reader did the “Happy 60th Birthday to Prince Charles” story and then they played the anthem. Talk about rubbing it in! The guy’s 60 and his mum’s still going strong!

Well, it made me chuckle 🙂