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Move over Delia!

Let me interrupt this unexpected hiatus in posting to report that I just became the first person in history to screw up tuna and mayo pasta with sweetcorn.

Truly revolting.

Think I used too much mayo. Then overcompensated with pepper.

Bleurgh 😦

The Gurkha Justice Campaign

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for ages but have, I confess, never got round to it. But this post by Just Williams has spurred me into action as the deadline for signatures is tomorrow!

In a nutshell, I believe that all retired Gurkhas should have the right to live in the UK if they so choose. After all, laying down your life for a country you weren’t even born in should entitle you to a bit more than a thank you card.

The petition will be presented to Downing Street on Thursday so you’ve got until Wednesday evening to sign the petition at the Gurkha Justice Campaign website.

Do it!!