4th photo meme

Jennie hasn’t tagged anyone for this meme so I thought I’d take it up.

The rules:-

  1. Go to your pictures file
  2. Go to the 4th file
  3. Go to the 4th picture
  4. Post it and tell the story
  5. Tag 4 more people
Chicken - 3 November 2007

Chicken - 3 November 2007

This is one of the Warren hens that Mum bought as a cheap job lot at a poultry sale last autumn, and in the background you can see one of the two Leghorns she got at the same sale. Once they’d become accustomed to having their freedom (we assume they were ex-commercial hens), they loved ranging round the garden and pecking away at various bugs and beetles. They were fantastic layers and did us proud all winter. Sadly, despite our efforts, every last one was eaten by the fox 😦

I tag:

Andrew @ wongaBlog
Tony @ Storyteller
Liz @ Violet Posy
Andrew @ Skuds

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