Spoke too soon

I thought I’d managed to trick Midge into eating cheap dog biscuits.

More fool me!

This morning, I gave Midge half a cup of “her” biscuits (which are twice the price of Snipe’s!) and half a cup of Snipe’s. The little madam spent half an hour carefully picking out hers and then abandoned the rest.

I know that dog and I know when I’m beaten.

Webbox it is, little Midge but here’s my photographic revenge:

Back in the summer, Midge did her usual trick of vanishing when no one was looking and spending one or two or three or four or five or six hours rabbiting. We all hated it when she did this as you never know what could happen – and eventually, something did happen. On the day in question, she came back having ripped one of her dewclaws so badly that it was hanging on by a mere thread.

Off to the vet went she and off they all came in an extremely costly operation (the one she ripped had to be removed anyway, and better to take them all off in the same operation than possibly put her through it again).

One of the nurses was bored and instead of using one colour bandage, used four different ones:

Midge - 1 July 2008

Midge - 1 July 2008

You wouldn’t believe the number of people who thought we’d dressed her up in leg warmers!

But then she managed to pull the bandages off and was worrying the stitches so we had to put the collar on her:

Midge - 8 July 2008

Midge - 8 July 2008

Take that, you little monster – the whole world is laughing at you now!


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  1. Posted by Granny Anne on 21 November 2008 at 5:37 pm

    Loved the pictures Jo. Your tale reminds me of my godfather’s dog Dollar, who would eat anything except peas (It was in the days when dogs ate whatever the family ate) If you tried to fool him by mixing the peas in with the dinner he would very carefully sort them and pile them up on the side of his dish!

  2. Smart little dog! Obviously knows to look for the better things in life!

  3. Aw. The bandages are far too cute.

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