Spot the piglet!

There are 6 piglets curled up under the straw in this photo.

Can you spot them all?!

Spot the 6 piglets! 23 November 2008

Spot the 6 piglets! 23 November 2008

Oh, and if you’re wondering, Scratchy was just behind me snuffling about in the straw in the hope of finding food and Fergie was outside, refusing to come in despite the hailstones!


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  1. Bless them! And how long did you stay in there, cwtched up with them, for? 🙂

  2. Only about half an hour, sheltering from the rain and hailstones.

    Forgot to bring the laptop cable with me today and the battery is due to give out quite soon so I shall return to the arks for some more cwtchings!

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