Six ‘interesting’ things

I’ve been tagged by Welshpurpletree to tell you six interesting things about my good self.

  1. I have three tattoos.
  2. My mum’s side of the family are ex-pats in Argentina. I believe the family history goes something like this: my great-grandmother’s grandfather and his brothers were told by their father that their ranch in the US wasn’t big enough to divide between all his sons after his death so he gave the youngest sons thousands of cattle and horses and told them to ride south. Some of the brothers made it as far as the northern parts of South America but my great(something) grandfather kept going until he hit the southern Atlantic Ocean. My great-grandmother was born and raised on the most southerly inhabited house in the world! Of course, this may just be something I misheard when I was a kid and have clung to ever since, but I think that’s the way it happened.
  3. I chopped off the top of my thumb when I was four and it never grew back properly.
  4. Since graduating from university eight years ago, I’ve never lived in the same property for more than 12 months.
  5. In that same period, I’ve had eight jobs, though four of them are / were different jobs for the same organisation / company.
  6. I used to have long hair. I mean long hair. Almost butt length. My friends were horrible and never told me to get it cut – even though old photos stand as proof that they really should have!

I tag ……………… anyone who fancies a go!

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