Beware of the ice!

A bit of excitement when I arrived at the farm this morning – there was an accident at the end of the drive! A van and a car had collided after one of them spun on some ice. I’m not sure which one spun, probably the car judging by the location of the ice.

Luckily everyone was ok, though the van driver was in shock, had some glass cuts on his face and had banged his knee into the steering column. The car was obviously a write-off.

I had to park up in the lay-by and walk to the farm. As I was getting the pigs’ food ready, I heard the police arrive and by the time I’d finished, they’d cleared everything away and the road was clear again.

I don’t know whether the accident was just one of those things or if one or both drivers were going too fast but I’m inclined to believe the latter. Just beyond the farm drive, the road goes uphill in series of bends and around here, it’s common practice for people to zoom along far too fast with their hand on the horn to alert other drivers. I’ve been waiting for an accident to happen – hence my suspicion of the actual causes of this crash.

Slow down, you fools! It’s slippery out there!

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