Grumpy animals!

The dogs and cats are all sulking because they’ve had their food rations decreased. And when I say sulk, I mean sulk.

I tried the dogs on a Chubb sausage thing and they devoured it. Even Snipe, who is a typical Labrador and just gulps down her food without pausing to chew, delicately picks out the Chubb from her bowl before eating the biscuits. And I thought Midge was going to wet herself with pleasure!

But 800g of Chubb seems a lot more than 800g of tinned dog food so because they get their proper requirements from the complete biscuits and the meat is just a luxury, instead of halving it and feeding it over two days, I’ve cut it in three. They know they’ve been cheated!

The cats, however, are insisting they’re much worse off but they can blame Asda for their ration. On Monday, I discovered that instead of getting a 2.5% VAT reduction on the cat food, I instead paid 21p more than the previous week. The sneaky bastards put the price up from £1.98 to £2.23 but you pay £2.19 at the till and when I pointed this out to the store supervisor, he tried to insist I was getting a good deal!

Again, they get all their nutritional requirements from their biscuits (which are kept topped up at all times) so we’ve decided that since Queenie and Horatio generally get bored after eating a few mouthfuls but Mac munches his way through the rest, we’ll give them just half a tin each day. We cut them down slowly so at first they failed to notice the difference but now …. let’s just say it ain’t pretty! They all devour the complete contents of their bowl as soon as it’s put down and spend the next fifteen minutes wrapping themselves around my legs, insisting they’re all still hungry. No, just greedy. They did the same thing when Queenie decided she would eat the shop’s own cat food and not exclusively Whiskers so the boys went from a tin between the pair of them to a tin between all three cats. As I said, they’ve got biscuits whenever they want them and I’ve got bills to pay!

Tia and Scrumpy are also getting less food than they’re accustomed to but after the events of yesterday, they’re getting a whole post to themselves which I will endeavour to write and publish today. Possibly with photos!

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  1. It makes me feel so much better to know that others have food out for their cats all the time. I think they are just spoilt by having biscuits out all the time but I just can’t resist that look. And the only brand of wet food they will eat is Kitikat. I hope that company never goes bankrupt,LOL.

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