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A lazy day

It was meant to be tipping it down today so I thought I’d go for a bit of a lazy day. It hasn’t rained since about nine o’clock but I’ve stuck to the original plan, even though there’s loads of things I should be doing, like cleaning the chickens out or moving Bailey and Brini’s enclosure.

But I’ve been working really hard recently on not much sleep and, quite frankly, I need a break. So I fed the pigs, did their water, heaped their bedding in a big pile in the middle of their arks to give them something to do later (they hate it when I do that!), cleaned the chickens’ water containers (and changed their water, obviously), cleaned the back of my car out (the downside of getting the fruit and veg is that things like beetroot leak everywhere!), divided up said fruit and veg and out them in buckets for the pigs later on and added to the lasagne garden. And then, with all the goodwill in the world towards the pigs and chickens, I’ve left them to it, curling up indoors with the laptop, trying to stay awake. I’ll feed them all again later and then head for home where I intend to get into bed and stay there until morning. Apart from toilet breaks for myself and the dogs.

How’s your day been?


Blue skies

I don’t have to look out of the window to know that it’s pouring down – I can hear the rain spilling down like water from a bucket and it’s not a cheery sound. I’ve got to go out in this! In leaky waterproofs and wellies! In the mud!

Last year at mum’s, however, it was all blue skies and sunny goodness:

The view from mum's gate - 13 December 2007

The view from mum's gate - 13 December 2007

Her Section A ponies seemed to appreciate the sun on their backs as well:

Mum's ponies - 13 December 2007

Mum's ponies - 13 December 2007