A new look!

I’ve never been happy with the theme I was using before as it looked very old and outdated. Inspired by Jennie’s change(s) (though hers is just temporary, or so she tells us) I thought I’d go for a new look around here.

The photo in the banner was of the weaners lined up but, being a free theme on a free blogging platform, there are only so many changes I can make and I wasn’t happy with it. So, since the name of my blog is “Bring me Sunshine”, I thought a photo of the sun would be most appropriate. The one I’ve chosen was taken in February, when B and I lived at Mum’s.

This is what it looks like uncropped:

Sunrise at mum's - 10 February 2008

Sunrise at mum's - 10 February 2008


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  1. Very nice!

  2. Maybe we should go halves on a domain name and hosting and run our blogs from there! That way we can tweak to our hearts’ content!!!!

  3. I love the new look. Great picture

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