Getting to know the neighbours

Ever since I moved the pigs into their field, there’s been an abundance of wildlife, mainly birds, taking advantage of the freshly turned up earth and lashings of manure to secure themselves a snack or two. As autumn turned to winter, the birds have descended en masse and are now so confident around me that they don’t even look up from their scavenging when I enter the pig enclosures (yes, they know as well as the pigs that this two-legger means food!).

But Bailey and Brini have taken things to the next level.

I moved their ark yesterday and as I was pulling out their bedding, I was a bit shocked when a small mouse shot out from the rapidly vanishing straw and vanished off into the undergrowth!

I wonder if they knew about their lodger?!

And how did their furry friend cope without his warm bed last night?

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