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A pair of troublesome tarts

Didn’t anyone tell Scrumpy and Tia that good girls go to heaven and bad girls go …… well, anywhere they like apparently!

Scrumpy and Tia - 25 December 2008

Scrumpy and Tia - 25 December 2008

Do you remember the post I wrote three weeks ago, bemoaning the two girls and their hormones?

Well, it’s that time for them again (every three weeks, bang on schedule) and they’ve lived up to their well-deserved reputation as a pair of troublemakers…

When I went to feed them yesterday morning, I was less than impressed to discover that the two girls had buried a significant portion of their electric netting under vast amounts of soil. Still, they were both sound asleep in their ark, nestled under the fresh straw they got from Santa.

So I fed them and set about rescuing the netting.

On I went to feed Bailey and Brini ……. only to discover that their netting was, well, looking as though a pig (or two) had walked through it (or at least tried to).

Naturally, given the girls’ condition, my heart leapt a few times and then sank like a boulder.

Again, both were sound asleep in the straw (Bailey is straw coloured so for a horrid moment I couldn’t actually see him!)

There was a frost during the night and I was able to make out at least one set of tracks all around Bailey and Brini’s enclosure and going across the field to at least a few feet away from the girls’.

All the pigs were presented with a barrage of bad swears and threats of apple sauce and stuffing (apart from Brini!) but the blame lies with me. Bailey and Brini had no battery for their electric fence as I kept forgetting to carry it across the field and while I thought I’d switched Tia and Scrumpy’s on, I clearly hadn’t as it was firmly pointing to ‘off’.

The irony is that I was going to switch everyone around and put Scrumpy in with Bailey on New Year’s Day but I now have to wait three weeks to find out if, come April, I’ll be presented with two squealing litters!

Pigs! Who’d have ’em?