Talk about ungrateful!

For Christmas, Mum brought Snipe a lovely new dog’s bed. It’s soft, so is cosy and warm on cold winter nights, and is nice and spacious so she’s not cramped. And the best thing about it is that it’s an actual bed that she fits in, rather than her previous bed, which was actually a cat’s bed that she spilled out of on all sides. So we gave that to Queenie to pad out her wicker basket (she’s barely moved from it ever since!) and put the new bed in its place in the bedroom.

Snipe spent every night sleeping in the kitchen.

She was not a fan of the new bed.

She obviously couldn’t have her old one back so I did the only thing I could:

Midge and Snipe - 31 December 2008

Midge and Snipe - 31 December 2008

She’s thrilled to bits with her new bed.

Daft. As. A. Brush.


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  1. How adorable she looks in her new bed. She has obviously been taking note on all the advice on how we all have to cut back and reduce, reuse, recycle. Good for her. Margaret

  2. hehehehe love it.

  3. One of our sows is a bit like that. If her bed is not absolutely perfect with the straw laid out just so, then she harumphs, sulks outside and sleeps under the stars. Even when the ground is frozen hard. Silly madam!

    Great photo.

  4. […] and if you’re wondering, Snipe’s box bed fell apart so we’re trying out her proper bed again. It only works if I lift the sleeping bag […]

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