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Pet Health

I’m currently battling the dreaded lurgy and went into Asda yesterday to stock up on Beechams cold tablets, which they’ve got on offer – only to discover that they’ve currently got a lot more on offer…

They’re running a “Pet Health” campaign in association with the PDSA and as part of the campaign, they’ve put on some great deals for pet food and treats. The dogs will be getting a break from the cheapy cheap dog biscuits as I got a 17kg sack of Wagg biscuits for just £7 and a 12 pack of Butchers tins for £3! Midge has eaten Wag before so I’m hoping she’ll tuck in to the biscuits – if not, Snipe will have to munch her way through 17kg on her own! Actually, a lot more than that as I’ll going to get some more sacks as the offer’s on until 25 January. They absolutely love the Chubb sausage things I give them so I’ll mix and match the tins in between the sausages. I also got some rawhide chews for a pound per pack of 4, which is pretty good value.

There didn’t seem to be much for the cats, although that could just be because yesterday was the first day of the offer. I did pick up a 12 pack of Whiskas for £4, which is a huge relief as Asda’s own brand tins have recently shot up to £2.75 for a 6 pack so t’s not been looking good. Unfortunately, I’m never going to get the cats back onto the non-branded tins again… At the same time they put up the price of their tins, Asda put Felix tins on offer (2 for £4) and now they’ve got Whiskas!

Yup, I’m definitely going to bulk buy!