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Dig it!

Tia and Scrumpy have developed an interesting set of tactics to ward off the colder weather. Quite simply, they sleep until I feed them in the morning. They eat. They sometimes refresh themselves with the fresh water provided by their human to replace the water bowl shaped ice block. They hang around in the hope of getting some more food. They check to see if the ground is still frozen solid, nibbling hopefully at a few blades of grass.

Then they go back to bed!

And sometimes they sleep so soundly they miss the thaw:

Spot the pigs! 5 January 2009

Spot the pigs! 5 January 2009

And yes, they have dug all that earth up. I’m not exactly thrilled with them for it (didn’t anyone tell them that Kune Kunes aren’t meant to be diggers?!) but there’s nothing for them to eat and the roots seem to be sustaining them so if they want to dig, they can dig… I’ll just make sure to keep them off the good grass until it’s lush and long!