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The blogroll is growing!

I’ve got more additions to the blogroll:

Catalan Garden is the blog of a couple who upped sticks and moved to Catalan. Their descriptions of life in the Catalonian mountains is enough to make me want to up sticks myself. Well worth a read, especially for the vegetable-growing tips.

The Garden Smallholder is a recent find of mine – and then I discovered that the rest of the world had already found this excellent blog. Still, better late than never. I particularly love the photos – they’re the standard I’d love to be able to match but never seem to be able to. I think I’m just not patient enough.

Margaret’s Ramblings seems specifically designed to make me smile with each post and acts a constant reminder about the importance of appreciating life as we find it. I don’t know if that’s the intended reaction but that’s what got me hooked. That, plus the kitty-kat antics!

Finally, there’s Veterinary Nursing and Life, which I find fascinating. The stories of cruelty are horrific, but they’re matched by the amazing human abilities to heal, even as others wreck.


Ogmore by Sea

Jennie and I took the dogs for a walk the other day and decided to take advantage of the cold but cheery weather to indulge in some sea air.

The dogs at Ogmore - 7 January 2009

The dogs at Ogmore - 7 January 2009

We thought that Ogmore by Sea would be a good spot and we weren’t wrong! The beach is a mixture of sand and rocks and has, apparently, carboniferous cliffs. Whatever the hell they are… But the rock pools are fab – never seen anything like them!

Snipe absolutely loves the sea. Last winter, mum, B and I used to take the dogs to the beach every few weeks, accompanied by one of mum’s friends and her three terriers. When we first took them, Snipe was a bit nervous of the big wet water but it only took a few minutes (and a few sticks to chase, getting closer and closer to the sea!) for her Labrador instincts to win through and now she has a great time.

Snipe at Ogmore - 7 January 2009

Snipe at Ogmore - 7 January 2009

Midge, however, really isn’t keen. She likes the beach – just not the wet stuff! She got a bit of a soaking though, when she followed Snipe onto the wet sand and was promptly caught up in a rolling wave!

Midge at Ogmore - 7 January 2009

Midge at Ogmore - 7 January 2009

The sea air was great for us humans as well (‘specially me with the lurgy) and I hope the weather remains sensible so we can make it a weekly thing. I love walking the dogs, especially somewhere they can be let off the lead, but having someone to share the laughs with (my dogs are particularly idiotic) makes such trips all the more enjoyable. And it’s a great way to explore the area.

Where next, Jennie?