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On Sunday, I went up to Mum’s and was disappointed by the lack of time and the driving rain as I’d hoped to get some photos of her Welsh Mountain ponies in their fuzzy winter coats, not to mention my Welsh Section C broodmare, Moonlight, as she was a real teddy bear last year and as she approaches her 3rd birthday in May, she’s growing fast and I’m missing the lot. Not to mention the fact that she is (I hope!) in foal. I’m trying to avoid thinking about the fact that the most I’ll have to do with him/her is providing the name and signing the paperwork.

Anyway … that’s a blog post for another day (like I said, there’s denial going on here!). Instead, I’ll amuse you with a photo of Moonlight’s coat this winter:

Moonlight - 11 January 2009

Moonlight - 11 January 2009

Mum said she’d got her a New Zealand rug. I didn’t realise she’s been so mean!! Still, she’s lovely and warm (I put my hand under the rug – nice and toasty) and she has no sense of fashion anyway. But even so…!

Moving on from the ponies, the weaners are looking great. I tried to get some photos but they weren’t in the mood to stay still so it made things a bit difficult! Harold recognised me immediately and positioned himself for simultaneous back scratches and belly rubs – or maybe he didn’t recognise me and simply guessed I was a sucker for piggie scritches… The rest certainly didn’t rush up and greet me in their usual manner, suggesting that I’ve passed on from their memories. Actually, they knew that they should recognise me as they hung around, looking as though they were racking their brains for a clue but the sweet relationship I had with them is long gone 😦 Still, that’s the way it works and it’s exactly what I expected.

Fergie is looking wonderful and I’m so glad I sent her up to Mum’s instead of keeping her down here, even though Mum’s been dealing with temperatures as low as minus ten. They’ve got a 5 acre field to themselves with plenty of shelter under the gorse bushes if they want it, not to mention the large shed where they sleep as well as having enough room to play out of the rain but not in their bedding. Mum also feeds them in the shed so they get to eat away from the elements.

As a result, Fergie has put on loads of weight and has grown upwards as well. Unfortunately, Mum has discovered that little ole Fergie is as deaf as a post! She’s tried several tests, having first become suspicious when Fergie was in front of the quad bike (which is kept in the same shed as the weaners) and didn’t even flinch when mum revved the engine to get her to shift. Since then, she’s realised that Fergie operates by using sight, smell and touch and simply can’t hear. I never noticed because they were always in close proximity to me so she could always see what was going on.

Poor Fergie!

Fergie - 11 January 2009

Fergie - 11 January 2009

Once I’d said my goodbyes a couple of hours later than I intended, I dropped Wurly off at her new home and once she was settled in, I made my way back to the farm, getting alarmed at how late it was. The sun (not that I could see it beyond the rain) had long since set by the time I arrived and I was forced to do the pigs and chickens by torchlight. My biggest worry was that the pigs, being used to getting their tea in the afternoon, would object to the two hour delay and would break out to find their grub themselves but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was business as usual and they didn’t even object to the torch!

Brini by torchlight - 11 January 2009

Brini by torchlight - 11 January 2009

It was a good day and I must go up again sometime soon so I can spend some real time with Moonlight and the weaners – and Mum!

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  1. Posted by welshpurpletree on 13 January 2009 at 5:07 pm

    What did the chickens think of you going to them in the dark?

  2. Mama Silkie and her chicks came out in the hopes of getting a foody treat. I didn’t have anything for them but I did refill their water dish which they’d knocked over and they seemed happy with that! The others just blinked at me and I found out that Fatboy, our Buff Orpington cockerel, sleeps in the nest box in the Cube while the others cwtch up in the proper sleeping area!

  3. Posted by suzy2110 on 15 January 2009 at 12:38 pm

    New Zealand rugs have fairly come on since we were kids, haven’t they! Do you remember those old canvas ones which let the rain in? Nothing like that now! 😀

  4. And that went as stiff as a board the second you took it off at night – and you had one hell of a job putting it back on the next day if it didn’t dry overnight! Mum spent most of one very wet winter ignoring my grumbles about the still-wet NZ and then, after she had to put the rugs on one morning, a 2nd magically appeared so I at least got to rotate them. And my word, didn’t they stink by the time spring arrived!

  5. […] now, she’s thankfully on her way to completely destroying her pink New Zealand rug and when it dies a death, it will be replaced with a plain blue one. […]

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