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A dog in a coat

Midge absolutely hates the wet and the cold. So, if it’s raining and/or windy and/or snowing and/or hailing (you get the picture), then she’s bloody miserable. I know all Jack Russells have the ability to sit there and shiver for no reason but in bad weather, her shivers are genuine, especially as she is outside all day long. So Mum bought her a waterproof coat and a couple of t-shirts so that on wet days she can stay dry and on cold days, she can stay warm.

"What would Scooby Do?" 11 January 2009

Quite frankly, she looks completely ridiculous, especially in the rather vile pale blue “training for the Olympics” t-shirt that I refuse to bring out of the cupboard, but the black “what would Scooby Doo?” t-shirt looks quite funky. Her coat has a hood, which she hates, and a pocket on the back which just gets caught in the brambles but it does the job and she’s stayed dry the whole time she’s had it on. Which, at first, wasn’t long…

Midge - 19 January 2009

Midge - 19 January 2009

As you’d expect, she was not at all happy at the introduction of clothes into her life and managed to lose her waterproof within 24 hours of first donning the garment. I swore, mum swore, and we said she could get and stay cold! But I eventually found the damn thing in a bramble patch, dried it and tried again the following day. Ten minutes, it lasted! But I found it again and went through the process for a third time. Except I now put her harness on over the coat. It hasn’t shifted and she’s now quite used to it and certainly looks a lot more cheerful.