Waterproofing the Eglu run!

For months and months, I have been meaning to get arse down to Ikea to buy one of their 90p transparent shower curtains to put over the Eglu run to stop the chickens from getting soaking wet every time it rains (no jokes about it being Wales, thank you!).

On Tuesday, I finally did the deed and lost my Ikea-virginity. And my, oh my! What a large store! I got lost too many times to mention and spent most of my time muttering “how much?” under my breath – mainly because everything seemed to be either ridiculously cheap (such as my shower curtain, down to 87p!) or ridiculously over-priced.

Still, it was an experience, and I think British developers could learn a thing or two from the store’s ground level car park, protected from the rain by the two shopping levels above it. Genius!

Yesterday, I attached the curtain to the run and today I will find out how things worked out (yesterday being cloudy but not rainy).

Eglu and its new shower curtain run! 28 January 2009

Eglu and its new shower curtain run! 28 January 2009

Attaching the curtain was dead easy. I put the end with the proper holes at the house end of the run and attached it using the ties that come with freezer bags. I put the house back over and no rain can leak in above the door! I put the shade that comes with the Eglu over the curtain to hold it in place at that end and used a bungee cord to hold the top of the shade in place (if you have an Eglu, you’ll know what I mean. Apologies for the terrible description.).

I made some small holes at the base of the curtain on both sides and used the sandwich bag ties to attach it to the run, hopefully leaving enough slack that it doesn’t come free in the wind. Like I said, hopefully…

It’s not great, but the Cube offers protection from the rain in its run but the chooks in the Eglu have always been drenched so this should do the trick. I’m not after perfection, just chickens that don’t look like drowned rats!

I’ll keep you posted on how this works out 🙂

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  1. Posted by welshpurpletree on 29 January 2009 at 12:37 pm

    That sounds just like how I’ve done mine, except I used cable ties not sandwich bag ties. It seems to be holding up pretty well, but does flap a bit in strong wind, been thinking about adding a couple of bungee cords over the top.

  2. I hate Ikea. I hate Ikea. I hate Ikea. I hate Ikea. I hate Ikea. I hate Ikea.

    (Ooops sorry)

  3. 87p! 87p! 87p! 87p! 87p!

  4. Ha touche!
    But did you walk out of Ikea with only the things you went in to get – or did you get this cos it was a bargain and that cos it might be useful?

    I (and more especially my partner) find that very difficult – which is why I hate them. There’s something horribly clever about their store design that makes people buy what they don’t really want.

  5. I was good! I went in to buy a shower curtain and came out with just a shower curtain. I looked at loads of stuff that was dirt cheap but successfully resisted their marketing. Mainly, I think, because I was constantly lost and therefore didn’t really feel like spending my money. Note to store developers: make it easy for people with no sense of direction to find their way around and we’ll spend more money!

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