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I am starting to look at vegetable seeds in an attempt to decide what I want to grow this year and whilst I’m no closer to deciding what I want to try my hand at, I also need to make a decision about where on earth (excuse the pun!) I’ll get whatever it is I plan to grow.

A bit of googling brought up these sites, all of which seem to be recommended by various allotment sites.

But, are they any good? Are they over-priced or spot on? Is there somewhere better I can go?

Suggestions and advice for a novice, please!!


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  1. I always used to use the organic gardening catalogue (this was back when it actually was a catalogue and not a website) and it was pretty good in that they always sent what I ordered and were pretty quick and efficient. I also found the catalogue itself quite informative and helpful when planning my garden. They might be a bit pricey though. My mother is now a member of her local organic gardening society and gets a discount on her seed orders through them (and then she shares the seeds with me) so it might be worth investigating that?

  2. Oooh, cheers for that, will see what I can find out.

    Organic isn’t the priority as costs have to come first but if I can find a good price….!

  3. Apparently Wilkinsons’ seeds are very reasonable, and many people think that they’re no worse quality than more expensive ones. Also, apparently Lidl have an offer on seeds at the moment. I’m going there tomorrow morning, so if I see anything interesting I’ll let you know!

  4. Oh, and on someone said that Wilkinsons have 75% off seeds at the moment. I can’t find any mention of that on their website though. Might be worth a look if you’re anywhere near though?

  5. I got your message re: the seeds… my curiosity is most certainly awake and awaiting more information!

  6. You’ll have to come and visit me sometime then, and you shall have them!

  7. When are you about?!

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