Tia and Bailey

I know that by posting a photo of Tia and Bailey on Day One of the Love Shack Experiment, I know I am running the risk of jinxing the whole thing so that when I arrive at the farm, I will find Brini curled up with the chickens, Tia in the dog’s bed in the house, Bailey in one of the actual beds and Scrumpy… well, who knows what she’ll be doing.

Still, as that would be hysterically funny, I have decided to run that particular risk and post the photo anyway:

Tia and Bailey are *not* talking to one another

Tia and Bailey are *not* talking to one another

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  1. Whats happenened come on come on l gotta know what’s the outcome have you jinxed it pleaseeeeeee

  2. Lol, thankfully (I think!) everybody stayed put 🙂

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