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Weather woes

I know the type of weather we’re currently experiencing makes forecasting it quite difficult and that, being about as far from a meteorologist as you can get, I’m really not in a position to judge when they inevitably get it wrong.


Yesterday the forecast was for a sunny morning with heavy rain from lunchtime on.

It was a gloomy start, cloudy but cold after the hard frost, and then the sun came out, lovely and warm for early February, and stayed to thaw the thick ice and warm up the world long beyond its lunchtime deadline. All day, in fact.

If I had known, I would have moved Tia and Bailey out of their liquid mud and onto somewhere a bit drier. But, believing it would rain, I decided to leave them until the next dry day because it takes a good chunk of the day to move them and the ark and that means leaving the bedding out during said move.


B has got two days off work and has said that on one of those days, she’ll come to the farm with me so we can actually spend the day together – a very rare treat. But which day? Two different forecasts say it will either be clear but cloudy today or we’ll get heavy rain. Tomorrow will, depending on which forecast you look at, either be cloudy but clear or stands a good chance of snow or heavy rain.

The trouble is that the nearest weather station is 15 miles away, on the coast. The farm is inland, at the base of a cwm. Hell, we get different weather to the nearest big town, a mere five miles away! No wonder the weather is so often inaccurate. Rain on “dry days”, sun when it’s meant to be tipping it down, hard frosts when it’s not predicted to dip below freezing…

I don’t understand why (a) they can’t make more geographically accurate forecasts or alternatively (b) there aren’t more weather stations.

Having been at the farm (in every type of weather) since August, I’m quite good at predicting any immediate changes in the weather (it’ll rain by the time I feed the pigs etc) but I think I need to brush up on my skills for the longer term.

Any tips?!