Last night, some [insert word(s) of choice here] smashed my car window. Nothing was stolen, thankfully, as I had been particularly stupid and left my wallet out on display having just chucked it in the car when I filled up with diesel yesterday morning.

So, not a theft-attempt and probably not deliberate vandalism as there were two holes in the window, one in each corner at the bottom. The whole thing was held together by thin air and fell apart not long after we spotted it.

If we’ve guessed correctly, it seems as though some drunken idiots were having a brawl and someone was pushed and caught themselves by falling into my window.

All I can say is that I hope they needed stitches.

Luckily, it didn’t rain overnight and although my drive to the farm was very chilly, it was at least chilly and dry!

In total contrast to the mindless behaviour of some individuals, the guy who owns the garage I went to was lovely. He said that he could replace the glass for me but I’d be better off going to the glaziers on the trading estate. He’d get the glass from them anyway but if I went to them myself, I’d get charged for the glass and fitting what he’s charge for the glass alone… How wonderful is that?

Unfortunately, my luck didn’t hold out. At first they said that the earliest they could do anything was Monday but I begged and pleaded and I am to present my car at 11am tomorrow. Trouble is, their suppliers don’t have the exact glass I need but they’ve ordered the closest possible and it’s just a case of keeping my fingers crossed that it fits.

If not, it will be the much more expensive option of going to a dealership.

Fuming does not come close to describing how I feel right now but I am trying to stay positive.

…nothing was stolen … it did not rain … nothing was stolen …

Update @ 12.38pm:
The mechanic from the glaziers just rang: because they’re not sure if the glass will fit, he’s coming over to see for himself so he knows whether or not they should cancel the order, etc! Ups and downs, my friends, ups and downs.

Update 2 @ 2.40pm:
The mechanic arrived within fifteen minutes of his phone call and will not only go back to change the order (the woman I spoke to was treating it as a car but it’s really a van. It seems she should have known this from my reference to it as a “commercial 4×4”.) but will order the cheaper glass not the more expensive version that she ordered. And I am to report at the glaziers’ tomorrow morning at half past time and he will fit the window for me “in about half an hour, three quarters at the tops”. My faith in humanity has been 100% restored.

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  1. Very sorry to hear about this Jo. Hope the repair is as quick and straightforward as anticipated.

  2. Thanks, JW. Me too!

  3. Well, £75 later (inluding VAT and fitting), I have a new window. Hurrah. If anyone so much as touches it, I’ll………………..

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