Happy Valentine’s Day

According to B’s work colleagues, our relationship is “lacking romance and spontaneity” because of what she got me for Valentine’s Day.

The new Grubs and Glug in the Eglu - 14 February 2009

The new Grubs and Glug in the Eglu - 14 February 2009

I don’t see what’s wrong with asking for two new Grubs and a Glug so that your Bantams and Silkies are no longer forced to eat out of a cat bowl and a margarine tub and drink out of a dog bowl! I like my present. I think it’s great.

And that means I am having a happy day, especially as we’re having a Special Meal tonight: sausages from our own pigs, eggs from our own chickens and, although I didn’t grow the potatoes myself, I will be scrubbing them and making the chips.

It’s a delicious meal: turn the oven on to about 200 degrees, and while it’s heating up, plop some some oil in a roasting tray so it covers the bottom and whack it in the oven to heat up as well. Cut up the potatoes into chippy shapes / wedges / whatever and when the oven’s ready, chuck them in the tray. Swirl the oil around so it covers the chips and then put back in the oven for just under an hour, but do check regularly and turn the chips over.

Cook up the sausages on the grill or, if you’ve got good quality ones with limited fat, put them in with the chips about half an hour after the chips go in. Baste them with the oil (add more if necessary) and make sure they stay moist so don’t stray too far from the oven!

Once the chips have been cooking for just under an hour, take the tray out and so long as the chips are cooked*, make a small nest in the chips for each egg you want to cook. Crack the egg into each nest then whack back in the oven for about 5 minutes.

It’s not pretty once served but my, it’s delicious!

(*If the chips and/or sausages aren’t cooked properly, put them back in as the eggs really don’t take more than about five minutes to cook but you don’t want to over-cook them!)

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  1. Sounds like a perfect Valentines Day present, and meal, to me…. but then, hey, we think the way you two think, so……not surprising really 🙂

    Compostman is getting the timber for my Christmas present ( to build a new super dooper huge run to go on Cluckingham Palace AND a new smaller house to fit on the Cluckingham Palace run…)

    which is what I really, really wanted… 🙂

    and that is what it is all about, after all, isn’t it…with loved ones?

    Giving them what they want?


  2. B doesn’t always think the same way and was somewhat frustrated by my Christmas wish list but when faced with the choice of the glug and grubs or a contribution to the new car window, went with the more romantic.

    But, still, the chooks were thrilled with their new feeders – you should have seen the look on the chicks’ faces. They’d never seen so much corn in their whole lives! And duly pulled most of it out onto the ground, just for fun…

  3. Can anyone come to dinner, LOL. Haven’t cooked eggs like that before but they sound scrummy. Margaret

  4. Oven roasted eggs were a new one on me when I heard about them but I gave it a go and it’s now one of my favourite dishes.

  5. Posted by welshpurpletree on 16 February 2009 at 1:09 pm

    What happened to the Grub & Glug that came with the Eglu?

  6. There was one Grub with the Eglu and one with the Cube but I feed both layers’ pellets and corn on an ad lib basis so both of the original Grubs were donated to the Cube when Mama Silkie went broody in the Eglu in November. But since all the small chooks, including Mama and her chicks, starting living together in the Eglu, the need for more substantial feeders than the ones mentioned in the post became obvious.

    As for the Glug, well the Cube came with a “Super Glug” with nipple drinkers that the big chickens couldn’t (or wouldn’t) get to grips with so once I’ve cleaned it, it’s going on eBay. Hence the need for a second Glug!

  7. Thats how we have eggs done in the aga oven…

    I found the glug is a much better drinker than the jar and saucer type ones…they don’t freeze up to easily as there is lots more water in them and all the chickens seem to prefer them…I didn’t use one with the little chicks ( I had a chick drown in a big drinker once…) but once they got to be a good big size they got a new Glug …

    Compostman made me an adaptor so I can use the Glug and Grub in non Omlet runs, he screwed a bit of alu channel to the mesh , and the hooks fit over that….

    How did killing the cockerel go?

  8. The chicks had a very shallow plant saucer with pebbles in it and then graduated to the dog bowl. I’ve left the dog bowl in the Eglu just to make sure but they seem to be happy with the Glug. The adults love dunking their whole heads in it!

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