Nemo 1. Fat Boy 0

Yesterday was going so well until late in the afternoon when I went to give the chickens their melon seeds, strawberries grapes and breadcrumbs (all mixed up in a tub – their favourite treat!) and discovered, to my horror, that Fat Boy and Nemo have finally stopped circling one another and gone for it in a full on fight. Nemo was the victor, parading round the run, leaving a bleeding and shocked Fat Boy in the Cube run, looking as though he was going to pass out at any time.

I had heard a cockerel crowing very loudly when I was feeding the pigs but didn’t realise this was a victory crow: especially the victory crow of a son who has just bested his father.

I carefully cleaned up as much of the blood as I could but because the fight was so recent, he was still bleeding. The worst bit was cleaning the blood off his beak. This had dried and my guess is that in the beginning, he got in a good number of pecks (the blood covering Nemo would supports this) but then Nemo slowly got the better of the bigger but older cockerel.

Fat Boy after The Fight - 14 February 2009

Fat Boy after The Fight - 14 February 2009

My biggest concern was the fact that Fat Boy was standing there just opening and closing his beak and making a gurgling noise every once in a while.

He seemed happier once I’d mopped up what I could and by the time I’d got the wooden ark and the spare feed/water bowls, he had stopped gasping and was looking a bit more interested. By the time I’d set the ark up and put straw in, he was eating corn (though the big ham stopped when he saw me and went back to looking pathetic!) and although he didn’t leave the safety of the Cube, he no longer looked as though he was going to collapse. The gurgling noise, however, continue every so often.

I’m not sure how, but I caught Nemo and, having established that he was ok, put him in the ark, where he sulked Big Time! I tried to catch Irene for company for him but she was having none of it so I had to wait until they’d gone to bed and then grabbed her from her perch. Neither hen nor cockerel was happy at her sudden appearance in the ark!

Thankfully, Fat Boy was able to negotiate the ladder up into the Cube house – I would have put him in the ark but it’s really a broody ark and while Buffy just about managed to squeeze herself in when she had the chicks, there’s no way Fat Boy could fit, especially not with a companion!

So, this is it for Nemo.

I wish I’d done the deed after his fight with John Wayne as Fat Boy really didn’t deserve to have the stuffing knocked out of him. He is such a lovely cockerel without a nasty bone in his body and I’ll be devastated if anything happens to him, not least because his predecessor, Derek (a Light Sussex) was such an Evil Bastard. Fat Boy is a gentle giant and I hope he’s up and about when I get to the farm later.

B has got the day off today so she’s going to help me with the cull and plucking, and then Jennie is coming over tonight to help with the gutting. This is the truest test of friendship and believe me, gratitude is not the word. In fact, I promise that the next time I see your boys before bedtime, I will refrain from winding them up!

Wish us luck!

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  1. Good luck!

  2. Not an easy job l don’t envy you.

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  4. Posted by welshpurpletree on 16 February 2009 at 9:20 am

    Poor Fat Boy, hope he makes a full recovery!

  5. He was much better the next morning and today is wandering around as though nothing’s happened. Now that Nemo is out of the picture, he’s got his confidence back and is happy to be The Man once more!

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  7. Yep, you gotta get rid of the stroppy buggars! Fat-boy is gorgeous and he sound like ‘a keeper’ for life…HDR

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