Dirty stop out!

I usually get home from the farm at around the same time every day (though it’s often later than usual, especially now that the evenings are so much lighter) and within five minutes of me walking in through the door, all the cats will be in through the window, yowling and wailing for their dinner.

But, on Sunday, there were only two black cats wrapping themselves round my ankles. Sunday night was the night we were preparing the chicken for the oven so didn’t have too much time to worry initially but after we were done and Jennie had made her way home, Horatio’s absence became extremely noticeable. We called and called but to no avail.

In the end, a couple of hours after we came home, I gave in and fed Mac and Queenie, putting some for H to one side.

And then, finally, just as I was mentally designing the “Lost” posters, I heard a great thump as he landed (none too gracefully) on the counter below the kitchen window.

I may be reading too much into this, but I swear he looked rather put out to find me in the kitchen, almost as though he’d been hoping that it was one of those evenings where no-one is home until late.

He ate a bit of his dinner but didn’t seem that hungry and took himself off to bed (ours), where he was fussed by a very relieved B (Horatio being her cat).

For some time now, we’ve been of the opinion that the dity stop out has found himself an elderly lady who has been spoiling him rotten. Our evidence is this:

  • Mac and Queenie have been maintaining a constant weight, despite being Hunters. H is a wuss but isn’t a scavenger – and yet he has developed quite a gut.
  • He often comes in at one or two in the morning, stinking of perfume (it reminds me of the one my grandmother often wears) and is all lovey-dovey and full of cuddles and purrs.

Is it me or does that sound like a guilty conscience?!

Our theory is this: on Sunday, his Lady Friend had roast chicken for lunch and when he turned up to visit, he was presented with a plate of leftovers. He tucked in, probably had a saucer of milk for pudding, and then slept on her lap in front of the fire until way past his usual Home Time. He hoped to sneak back in but got caught…

At least the dogs are loyal! Mostly…

Horatio tries to camouflage himself in the bathroom

Horatio tries to camouflage himself in the bathroom

Queenie reclines on her throne - 16 February 2009

Queenie reclines on her throne - 16 February 2009

Mac looks wide-eyed and a little freaky! - 16 February 2009

Mac looks wide-eyed and a little freaky! - 16 February 2009

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  1. The perfume smell gives the game away, really, doesn’t it…..

  2. He has spent the week being ridiculously over-affectionate. Tart!

    I forgot to mention that a few moments after I took the photo of our Young Wanderer on the radiator, he rolled over for a belly rub… and promptly fell off!!!

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