The cat sat on … the ice

This time last year, we had a hard frost up at Mum’s and Mac took the opportunity to learn all about ice:

Mac on the frozen bucket of water - 18 February 2008

Mac on the frozen bucket of water - 18 February 2008

He spent ages checking it out: I gave watching but since the sight of a soaking wet cat failed to materialise, I guess he also got bored before the ice melted!

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  1. Posted by thegardensmallholder on 18 February 2009 at 7:39 pm

    Well I never! A cat interested in something watery!

  2. Mac’s brother is terrible. He sits on the edge of the bath and always get a shock when his tail gets wet! Their sister (owned by B’s sister) used to sleep in the sink! (empty, of course!) One cat I know will happily drink from the tap if you let it run!

  3. Mighty Kitty Cat used to go swimming in our pool…its a large one (20 x 40 m) and devoted to wildlife, with a small island in the middle where ducks and moorhens nest……so Kitty would swim out to hunt…

    I have never seen a cat do that , either before or since…

    and no he isn’t a Turkish Van cat!

    dearly missed Monty Puss used to wee down the toilet if he could, balanced on the edge on all 4 paws with his bum hanging over the loo bowl….

    Cats…funny things, aren’t they ;-))

  4. Did you ever get any photos of your Famous Swimming Cat? (When he was swimming, obviously)

    As for weeing in the toilet… classic. Brilliant. But did he flush?

  5. Sadly, no!

    And Kitty is now too old and poorly to do more than dream of such antics… 😦

    He also ( still!) is the only cat I have ever seen who will quite happily sit out in the pouring rain and not be fussed by getting wet at all… he really doesn’t care about being wet!

    Monty on the loo was another one we never managed to photograph..but friends saw him do it quite often…

    he never managed the flush though ( but he did try…..)

    Ah, happy times….

  6. Your Kitty sounds tougher than my Jack Russell!!!

    Mine are all very interested in the toilet but only because they’ve figured out that they have a captive audience for attention :/

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