The blogroll grows again!

I’m not sure how I’ll ever keep up with my growing blogroll but I’m really enjoying each and every blog I read and the temptation to add to it is just too strong!

So, here are my recent (and not-so-recent) finds for you to peruse at your leisure:

  • One man and his chickens: A man, his Chickens, life and everything in between
  • Run for the hills: If you think there’s something wrong, change what you can to make it better. I’m trying to lower my carbon footprint, step out from the 9-5 grind, rise from the weight of leadership and responsibility and have some fun again.
  • The Cottage Smallholder: Stumbling self sufficiency in a small space
  • two crumblies and a cat: The musings of a reprobate granny on life, the universe (as represented by a small Mallorcan town called Soller) and everything


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  1. Thank you so much for the link!

    Really enjoyed reading about your pigs last night.

  2. I never realised how many smallholding blogs there are: finding them is so much fun, not to mention reading about other people’s experiences 🙂

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